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Assessment Questionnaire

To help Techné provide an accurate evaluation of the project, please answer the following questions for each application:

  1. What version of PowerBuilder is the application based on?

  2. What is the search path that must be used in order to compile the project in the PowerBuilder environment?

  3. In case the project contains more than one application file (with the extension .sra), please supply the specific search path to be used in PowerBuilder to compile each application.

  4. What database server does the application use (include version numbers, please)?

  5. Does the application access the database directly, or does a middle tier mediate database access?

  6. Does the application access the database via stored procedures?

  7. Does the application rely on SQL statements created at runtime?

  8. Does the application rely on components deployed in EAServer?

  9. Does the application use EAServer in any way?

  10. Does the application use PFC (PowerBuilder Foundation Class) library?

  11. If used, what is the version of the PFC library?

  12. DLL's: are they used in the application?

    • Do any of the DLL's supply graphical objects that sit inside PowerBuilder visual containers?

    • Do the DLL's callback to the PowerBuilder application?

    • Do any of the DLL functions expect arguments specific to the Windows OS, such as low-level window handles?

  13. Can you provide sources and documentation for the DLL libraries?

  14. Are there any technical constraints within your organization that would prevent us from using JDK 1.4 for the translated code?

  15. What version of Java IDE is your organization using, or planning to use? Please indicate as many as applicable.