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Transform PowerBuilder® applications into Java™ Applications while Preserving Intellectual Capital, Minimizing Risk & Guaranteeing Results

Since 1995, Techné's elite team of software transformation experts has dedicated itself to legacy application modernization, helping organizations overcome business problems arising from their reliance on legacy PowerBuilder applications.

Striving to minimize the risk of migration while preserving the intellectual capital investments made in legacy PowerBuilder applications, Techné has developed JConvert/PB-a complete modernization service that transforms PowerBuilder applications into Java™ applications a fixed price and delivery date, with guaranteed results. The JConvert/PB service is based on two components:

  • The Techné Migration Methodology (TMM): Techné's proprietary, migration project management process that ensures a smooth and successful migration by utilizing clearly defined stages, deliverables and milestones, testing cycles, acceptance criteria and more.

  • Techné's highly-automated PowerBuilder-to-Java converter, PBT: Based on Techné's proprietary Software Mining® technologies and processes, this highly automated translator converts and preserves legacy applications' business rules and logic into Java technology without any human interpretation, guaranteeing an accurate conversion, delivered at a fixed price, on a fixed delivery date.

Offering many benefits, the JConvert/PB service can be depicted as follows: