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Java Convert

JConvert/PB Benefits

  • Guarantees Results
    Using PBT, its highly automated PowerBuilder-to-Java™ code translator, JConvert/PB captures and converts PowerBuilder applications, along with the business rules and logic residing in them, without any human interpretation. This high degree of automation guarantees a successful and accurate conversion, delivered at a fixed price, on a fixed delivery date.

  • Preserves Intellectual Capital
    Since the business rules, processes and logic of original applications are captured and automatically replicated in an exact fashion, JConvert/PB is able to preserve the intellectual capital residing in legacy applications, safeguarding or leveraging the investments originally made in them.

  • Minimizes Risk
    JConvert/PB deploys PBT, its compiler-like translation engine to capture and convert legacy code, business rules and logic without any human interpretation, and with a high degree of automation. This eliminates the risk of misinterpreting or not capturing the business rules and logic-which is fairly high in any modernization project--resulting in total project failure. .

  • Utilizes a Formalized Project Management Process
    Techné's Migration Methodology (TMM) is a proprietary, migration project management process built on the key business drivers, principles and requirements inherent in every migration project. The TMM guides each modernization project from start to finish, ensuring the entire process is smooth, seamless and successful.

  • Generates High-Quality, Easily Maintainable Java Code
    The converted Java application is comprised of highly maintainable Java code that remains recognizable to all PowerBuilder programmers. While they will face a learning curve for the new Java environment, it will be greatly simplified as they can still rely on their in-depth knowledge of the actual applications while they ramp up on their Java training. The Java application itself can be maintained with any standard Java IDE (Eclipse, JBuilder, WSAD, JDeveloper) and a host of 3rd party Java tools

  • Provides a Complete Solution
    Techné's JConvert/PB is a complete solution to legacy modernization offering sophisticated conversion technology (PBT), a formalized project management process (TMM), and an experienced, dedicated team of transformation experts that will ensure a successful outcome.

  • Delivers on Time and on Budget
    By utilizing JConvert/PB, and in particular, its finely-tuned Migration Methodology, Techné is able to accurately assess each transformation project at its start, provide clients with a fixed cost proposal, and deliver a successful conversion at a fixed cost and delivery date.

  • Allows Regular Operations to Continue
    JConvert/PB minimizes impact on users, maintainers, supporters, and IT staff. It is also completely non-disruptive to on-going business operations. PowerBuilder applications can be transformed one at a time, and can even share databases with both transformed and non-transformed applications.

  • Builds on its Record of Success
    JConvert/PB is a proven solution that has helped many customers achieve successful transformation results. The company's growing roster of satisfied customers acts as a testament to the power of the solution.

  • Enjoys Scientific Roots
    Techné's elite team of Canadian premiere R&D experts has fully developed and refined JConvert/PB and its PBT in a scientific manner. The company operates a software factory where the sophisticated technology is deployed to modernize legacy applications.

  • Deploys Migration via Evolutionary Process
    Techné's philosophy in modernizing PowerBuilder applications it to utilize an evolutionary approach with smaller steps that yield more immediate benefits. This entails migrating PowerBuilder client-server applications to Java client-server first, then once in Java, clients can make further changes or move forward with re-architecture.