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Opportunities at Techné

At Techné, our culture is informal and spontaneous yet extremely technical. This means that everyone on our team engages in constant learning—both individually and alongside co-workers.

We take pride in our own accomplishments as well as those of our peers, thriving on the challenges and responsibilities that present themselves. Holding ourselves to the highest standards of technical excellence, conduct, and professionalism, we dedicate ourselves to our work, technologies, opportunities and the future.

To attract and maintain our elite development team, we offer a complete, generous compensation package in addition to an environment that encourages constant growth and evolvement. Frankly though, we feel that it's the interesting work at Techné that attracts and maintains our team members. And, we wouldn't have it any other way.

What We Need

Techné is looking for talented, motivated, high-impact, technical players who know that the attitude and energy they bring to their work defines the technical outcome.

  • Software engineers with an emphasis on systems development. We do not build applications, but rather tools that operate on applications.

Skills in Demand
  • Systems development

  • Transformation technologies

Our work environment
  • UNIX development environment

  • Systems-oriented development

If you think you could excel in our environment, please contact us.