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Java Convert

Corporate History

Early on, the Techné team focused its attention on developing its Software Mining® technologies tool set. While these technologies were able to immediately help with clients’ software evolution needs, they also turned out to provide a powerful foundation for Techné’s future development of advanced transformation applications.

In these development efforts, Techné has adopted a unique corporate philosophy that has shaped its unique approach to technology, using it to aid human effort instead of attempting to replace it altogether.

This philosophy is evidenced in JConvert/PB, a transformation solution that converts PowerBuilder™ applications into Java. While most transformation technologies attempt a complete automation of the conversion process, Techné consciously and strategically applies its unique “tool-assisted” approach, automatically converting virtually all of the input source code while leaving some room for hand coding where it makes more sense to get human assistance.

As a result, the company’s stellar list of clients continues to grow and includes RBC (Royal Bank of Canada), WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario), Weldwood, USWest, CTA (Computer Technology Associates, Inc), IBM Canada, IBM Denmark, TTC (Toronto Transit Commission), Deluxe Entertainment and many others.