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Java Convert

Techné’s Philosophy

Since our inception in 1995, we have adopted a rather unique “tool-assisted” approach and philosophy towards technology, using it to assist human effort in a way that maximizes payback with rapid and verifiable results. In other words, we believe that maximum benefit is derived from a unique blend of automation where it’s most needed and human effort where it is most appropriate.

Techné consciously and strategically utilizes this approach, applying human intervention where it will be most effective and applying technology where it will have the greatest results. Highly repetitive tasks exist in any software migration project as do tasks that require in-depth analysis, both of which lend themselves to automation.

These kinds of tasks would be very difficult for a human to perform. On the other hand, there are certain kinds of tasks that would not be cost-effective to automate. These are best left for human intervention. By combining technology and human effort, Techné is able to expedite the migration process and generate a guaranteed, accurate application conversion.

Techné applies advanced technology to help human beings deal with these kinds of complexities through automated abstraction and analysis. Even though the objective is automation, the company recognizes that the human element must always be driving the process, through in-depth handwork review and also through easily specified customization of the automated conversion process.

This philosophy has enabled Techné to tackle transformation challenges that others simply abandon. The PowerBuilder to Java transformation is just such a challenge, and Techné’s response—JConvert/PB—is the solution.