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The Techné Migration Methodology (TMM)

Techné has developed the Techné Migration Methodology (TMM), a proprietary migration project management process that guides each and every modernization project from start to finish, ensuring the entire process is smooth, seamless, non-disruptive to ongoing business operation and of course, successful.

The TMM is a formalized process built on the key business drivers, principles and requirements inherent in any migration need. It includes several distinct phases, all finely tuned to ensure all aspects of the project are properly executed. The process includes an iterative and repeatable translation process, interim deliverables, pre-delivery testing, early feedback, automated test scripts, minimized code freeze, acceptance criteria and other stages that help set expectations, determine results and gauge acceptability

By utilizing TMM, Techné is able to advise, inform and involve clients not only at key stages but wherever necessary throughout the life span of the project. Clients are viewed as partners throughout the project and part of Techné’s success lies in the productive and cooperative working atmosphere fostered between its transformation team and client contacts.

TMM Features

Repeatability Repeatable process built around Techné’s conversion engine, PBT. Iterative and repeatable translation process minimizes code freeze time, enabling ongoing maintenance and upgrades to continue throughout conversion project.

Interim deliverables and early feedback facilitate identification of issues and risks at the earliest possible time in the process.

Risk Mitigation through Extensive Testing
Extensive testing including pre-delivery testing, system and business-flow testing, automated test scripts and more ensures all issues are identified and resolved prior to formal acceptance.

Formal Acceptance Criteria
Formal acceptance criteria are determined at the onset of the conversion process and the project is not deemed completed or successful until the client signs off on these.